Okay, are you ready for this? No, of course not. Because no one can prepare themselves for awesome-ness on this level. Here we go.

After being proclaimed dead, nails in the coffin and all, just a couple of months ago, the big-budget, live-action HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie is back on!!!!!!!!! Not only that, but it has the one thing that has been missing for years: a director!!!!!!!! The guy's name is John Stevenson and he is best known for co-directing last summer's hit animated movie Kung Fu Panda. Now, I really enjoyed Kung Fu Panda, but didn't exactly fall head over heels for it. Still, the movie has a distinct visual style, a great pace, and a truly interesting villain. All of which is very important in a He-Man movie!!!!!!

At this point, I'd take a He-Man movie directed by a zombie horse suffering from dyslexia. I JUST WANT A HE-MAN MOVIE!!!! So while Stevenson isn't someone who gets me super excited all on his own, I think he's a pretty good choice for this material.

Now this does not mean that the movie is actually one hundred percent happening, but it means that it's closer than it has been for a very long time. I am so damn excited.

I simply cannot find the words to describe how happy this news makes me. Thank you for sharing in my completely insane love of all things He-Man.